U.S. military members can access a variety of discounts on several programs, including car insurance.  Private auto insurance companies, as well as military-based auto insurance companies both, offer discount programs for active service members and veterans alike. You may be asking yourself, what is the best military car insurance available for service members and veterans in 2024?

The discounts you can find depending on your military service, affiliation and other factors. For example, the Geico military discount knocks off up to 15 percent from your insurance rate while you’re serving on active duty. Learn more about military car insurance discounts below.

The Best Military Car Insurance Discounts in 2022
military car insurance discounts

U.S. military members and their families can access car insurance discounts related to their service. Geico is one of the most popular companies for military discounts. The discount is available for those involved with any U.S. military branch, including the National Guard or Reserves.

Active U.S. service members who are deployed to areas considered dangerous can get additional discounts. These are known as Emergency Deployment discounts.

Although Geico does offer great military discounts, the best military auto insurance is usually available from military-based companies. For instance, the Armed Forces Insurance Company helps members of the U.S. military find the best auto insurance rates possible by comparing premiums and discount programs from a variety of qualified affiliates.

Not to mention the United States Auto Insurance Company makes it easy to score discounts when you are stationed overseas or at other bases.

In terms of smaller companies, Arbella provides discounts for military personnel stationed at least 100 miles from their homes and farmers, it has a 2% to 5% discount for service members, depending on the state they live in. Liberty Mutual also offers discounts depending on the policy and the state the service member resides in.

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is also a favorite among service members and caters exclusively to them. It offers interesting discounts nationwide, including a 15% discount for active members who store their vehicles in a military base, a 60% discount on the monthly premium for service members who store their cars while deployed overseas, discounts based on mileage, safe driver discounts and loyalty discounts.

Getting a military insurance discount can be as easy as completing an online application form. Quick and easy auto discount quotes for military members are available online through nearly every company available. 

Updated on 05/24/2022