The application process will also require information about the vehicle you plan to drive. Rideshare vehicles must be road and passenger-safe. Your vehicle will not meet the requirements if it is too old, in disrepair, or unsafe in any way.

Your vehicle must meet the following features to qualify:

Does My Car Meet the Rideshare Requirements?
rideshare requirements

  • All four doors open
  • Must hold a minimum of 4 passengers
  • Minimum of 5 seatbelts
  • Maximum of 8 seatbelts
  • Title cannot be salvaged, reconstructed, or rebuilt

Rideshare companies may also not accept your vehicle if it is a subcompact. This restriction is for the comfort of the passengers.

Uber and Lyft have different specific vehicle requirements, but they are similar. Both rideshare companies require the vehicle to have registration and insurance that meets the state’s requirements.

While you do not have to be the owner of the vehicle, you must be on the owner’s insurance policy. For example, you may use your parents’ car if you are on their insurance as well. Conversely, you may not qualify if you are using your roommate’s car and are not on their insurance policy.

Your vehicle must be newer than 15 years to drive for Uber. Lyft’s vehicle year limit is a little stricter and varies based on the city or state from where you are applying.

The companies will also consider the aesthetics of your vehicle. It cannot have serious damage, missing parts, or a painted taxi-related look. In some areas, the application process can include a vehicle inspection.

If you and your vehicle meet the requirements, find out how to apply on the next slide.