Top Military and Veterans Discounts

Our country owes a great debt to our active military members and veterans. Some businesses show their appreciation by offering present and former service members discounts, grants, and more.

If you serve your country, you can save money and get funds to help you in your civilian life. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) provides financial assistance that service members can put towards education, housing, and more. Find out where you can find free money as a member of the military.

Getting Free Education Funds for Military Members
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You may consider switching careers after your military discharge. Education is a great way to jump-start it, and the government will help cover some of the costs.

However, college tuition is expensive, and students often graduate with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. The VA has grants and education assistance programs that can help cover the expense of:

  • College.
  • Graduate school.
  • Certificate programs.
  • Vocational programs.
  • On-the-job training.

Grants and education assistance programs help pay for tuition, fees, housing, books, supplies, and travel costs in some cases. The main education program from the VA is the GI Bill program.

You are eligible for funds from the Post-9/11 GI Bill if you served on active duty after September 10, 2001. You can also pass your GI Bill Program benefits to your spouse and children.

You can go to a public, private, or foreign school. However, your free funds will go further at a public in-state school than at a private or foreign school.

For example, the VA will cover all of your tuition and fees if you go to a public in-state school. But if you go to a private or foreign school, you can earn up to $26,381 per academic year for 36 months.

Other GI Bill programs include the Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty and Montgomery GI Bill Select Reserves. All GI Bill programs have different requirements to qualify.

Current and former military members can also take advantage of discounts on auto insurance. Next, find out when providers have the best rates for service members.

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Updated on 03/29/2023