Current and active-duty military members have unique car insurance needs. For instance, service members who get called for active duty abroad may want to temporarily suspend their auto insurance until they return. Auto insurance companies are aware of the special needs and abilities of service members. While not an option for civilians, service members can pause their coverage until they return from overseas.

Some insurance providers have policies exclusively for the military. For example, USAA Auto Insurance is an insurance provider that is exclusively for military personnel. It is the cheapest car insurance for veterans and military members.

Vehicle Insurance Discounts for Veterans

The company offers affordable insurance for military families and veterans. USAA Auto Insurance claims that members saved an average of $707 on their yearly policy when they switched from an inclusive (military and civilian) company. Discounts that USAA provide include:

15 percent off comprehensive coverage for vehicles parked on a military base in most states.

60 percent discount if the vehicle is not driven for 30 consecutive days.

Other insurance companies, such as Geico and State Farm, have discounts for the military and veterans. These military discounts can be up to 15 percent off.

Some areas have required discounts for full-time active-duty military personnel. For example, Louisiana auto insurers must provide qualified military customers with 25 percent off their policy premium.

Car insurance is security in case your vehicle is in an accident. But what about financial security for your family? Check out life insurance discounts for military members next.