Fun and Exciting Rainy-Day Date Ideas for 2023

Fun and Exciting Rainy-Day Date Ideas for 2023

The last thing a couple needs is the weather interfering with a date night. Rough weather is difficult to plan around because it makes outdoor events seem impossible. 

While there is nothing wrong with staying in and watching a movie with your partner, it can get repetitive if it becomes your only alternative. It is especially important to have alternative date ideas in mind if you live in a state famous for extreme weather.

When you are thinking about possible date alternatives, keep in mind what you and your partner enjoy. Do not feel pressured to pick an activity and force it to work because you are afraid of the night being ruined. 

If you’re in a long-term relationship, consider sitting down with your partner and making a list of activities you are both interested in for rainy nights. To help you get started, here are some exciting rainy day date activities that any couple can enjoy.

A Surprise Dinner

Most rainy-day dates involve going out on the town and enjoying indoor activities. While these dates are memorable, they can also be pricey. 

If you are on a tight budget but still want to do something special for your partner, consider surprising them with dinner. A home cooked meal is great if you are on a tight budget. 

Even if you are not the greatest cook, there are a number of online cooking tutorials to walk even complete kitchen novices through meals. Putting in the effort shows your partner how much you care about him or her. He or she can also appreciate coming home and not having to make a meal.

In addition to the meal, you can also set a romantic atmosphere. If you have a fireplace, consider a living room picnic. 

Play some of his or her favorite music in the background and set some mood lighting. Pair your meal with a nice glass of wine for the ultimate romantic dinner.

A Touch of Culture

A rainy day is a good excuse to go out and do something indoors you normally would not do. Use the rain as an excuse to visit a local art museum. If your date nights normally start late, check to see if there are any art events hosting events. 

Many museums have special exhibits or even guest speakers outside of normal hours. These events are normally aimed towards adults and have inexpensive entry fees. 

If you are not interested in paintings or sculptures, check to see if there are any bands performing. It does not have to be an elaborate concert. Many clubs host local performers. If you are not feeling music, look for comedy clubs in your area.

Go out For Drinks

Going out for drinks may not sound romantic at first, but you are not limited to local bars. Take your partner out to a wine tasting or see if there are any craft breweries or distilleries in the area. 

These locations frequently run tasting events during the evening, especially if your rainy night falls on a weekend. With rideshare apps, it is easy to get a lift home, so both you and your partner can safely enjoy your drinks without having to worry about who is going to be the designated driver.


Dancing is another great date idea if the weather is bad. If you are anticipating bad weather in advance, you can search your area for local dance lessons. 

If you are caught off guard, consider going out to a nearby club. If you are friends with other couples, this is a good way to have a group date night. If you want to avoid the crowds and have some space at home, you can even watch online dance tutorials and try to learn some new moves with your partner.


Another fun rainy day date activity is karaoke. As with dancing, this can be an especially fun date if you bring some of your couple friends with you. 

At home karaoke is potentially an option as well, but it is only recommended if you live somewhere where your singing will not keep your neighbors awake.

Embrace your Youth

A rainy night is a good excuse to avoid some of your adult responsibilities. This can also extend to your dates. There are a number of date locations which are traditionally designed for younger couples, but there is nothing keeping you from enjoying them as well. 

Go to a nearby arcade and play some games with your partner. Look for any roller rinks or ice-skating venues in your area. Hit up a pool hall or play a few games at a bowling alley. Many of these locations also work well if you want to invite friends to relive your younger years together.

See a Movie

Given how common streaming services are, many couples have movie nights at home. If you want to make the movie going experience special, ditch your small screen and go to a theater. 

Seeing a movie in a theater is much different than the home experience. You can also pair it with dinner for a classic date experience. 

Game Night

Another good option for a rainy-day date if you are on a tight budget is hosting a game night. You can either invite other couples over or spend it alone with your partner. 

If you are tired of classic board games, there are many alternatives designed for a more mature audience. Card games are a good alternative if you do not have much table space. 

Spa Night

If you want to surprise your partner, pampering him or her with a spa night can be an excellent rainy-day date. Even if you are on a budget, preparing a comfortable bubble bath and drinking fancy pitchers of water while wearing cozy robes can be a fun and relaxing date. 

If you have some time to prepare before the bad weather, pick up some face masks, body scrubs or bath bombs to spice things up. This date works especially well if your partner is coming in when the bad weather hits and wants to clean up.

Plan a Trip

If you cannot go out because the weather is too bad, spend the evening planning your dream vacation. Even if you do not have the budget to make it a reality, it is a good way to get to know more about your partner. You can have fun looking up exotic locations and talking about all the activities you would do on the trip.