Americans are looking for more ways to save money each month. Auto insurance companies realize this need and offer discounts for safe driving habits. The pandemic restricted driving for many U.S. drivers. As a result, insurance companies reward this trend with lower auto insurance rates.

Discount auto insurance rates for reduced mileage is one way to save hundreds each month on car expenses. If you drive less, you lower your risk of getting into an accident. Learn more ways to get safe driver discounts below.

Find Out How Safe Driver Discounts Could Save You $100s
safe driver discount

Did you know you could save $100 (or more) on car insurance? Most insurance companies offer safe driver discount auto insurance to drivers with clean driving records for at least five years, in general.

For example, discounts for Geico auto insurance are available to those who do not have any accidents or tickets on their records for at least three straight years.

Some companies also provide additional benefits for drivers with a clear record, such as a reduction of the collision deductible over time, the benefit of forgiving the first accident without increasing the insurance premium or cash to pay for utilities in case you are injured in a car accident.

The State Farm Drive Safe and Save program also offers safe driver discounts, though the program is a bit different. State Farm uses a technology called Telematics.

Telematics uses information and communication technologies to send driving and vehicle data to State Farm. In fact, Telematics does not track traffic tickets or car accidents, so it is possible to have one on your record and still qualify for a discount.

Telematics calculates the number of miles you drive and analyzes your driving habits to come up with a discount. The State Farm Drive Safe and Save program could save you $100s of dollars by discounting your insurance rates by up to 30 percent.

Other insurance companies provide additional safe driver discounts in the collision, liability and personal injury coverages, for clients who have completed defensive driving lessons from a certified or registered school. They might even ask about these classes before quoting your rate, to automatically add the discount.

When it comes to safe driver discounts, each company is different, and eligibility rules and regulations also vary depending on the state. From safe driving to adding anti-theft devices, there are dozens of ways to save some serious cash on your insurance payments each month.