Are you a student? If so, you could score student car insurance discounts from several insurance companies. Low rates on car insurance for college students are common because most do not drive very far. Plus, make and model discounts are also offered on older, less expensive vehicles. 

Most college students are between the ages of 18 and 22, which qualifies them as young drivers. Finding cheap insurance for young drivers is possible when the vehicles driven are bundled with parents’ car insurance policies. Continue reading to learn more about car insurance for students.

Save $$$$ With Student Discounts on Car Insurance
student discounts on car insurance
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The process of getting student car insurance rates is a bit different than it is for standard insurance. For instance, most companies do not take income into consideration when applying a rate for a college student. 

However, car insurance for college students fluctuates depending on the state in which the student is enrolled in school. Depending on where you go to school, you could qualify for student discounts based on certain affiliations.

Most big car insurance companies provide discounts for good students. They can chip off between 10% and 15% from your premiums by doing well in school and getting good grades. You typically need a B grade average or a 3.0 GPA. 

If you were homeschooled and got a high score in your standardized test, such as SAT, ACT or PSAT, you may also get a discount. 

Your rate is also affected by your driving habits. If you drive to campus each day to go to class or have a far commute, your rate could go up. It is also affected by whether you are enrolled under your parents’ insurance policy. 

Qualifying for a student discount on car insurance is not automatic. Increase your chances of scoring a student discount using these tips:

  • Have a solid grade-point average (GPA).
  • Make the honor roll or dean’s list.
  • Get high scores on standardized tests, like the SAT, ACT and PSAT.
  • Rank within the top 20 percent of your graduating class.
  • Enroll in a program to get your associate, bachelor or other degree.
  • Drive a cheaper car.
  • Have a clean driving record.

Currently, AllState offers the largest student discount, at 20% off the standard price. However, State Farm also has interesting prices for students. Typical student discounts average 13%, although by shopping in different companies, you can save up to 68%!

Costs vary by state, so make sure to check in your local insurance company office for special local offers. 

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