Several car insurance companies were established with one goal in mind: cater to the needs of military families. If you are a Veteran or an active-duty member of the military, you can access great discounts and exclusive coverage options from companies who only cover military families. 

USAA and Armed Forces Insurance are two insurance companies that are exclusively for military members. USAA is popular among members of the military and is often referred to as the best insurance company for military members.

Save $$$ With Car Insurance Exclusive to the Military

From steep discounts to quality customer service, USAA is one of the best programs for those involved in any branch of the military. And the best part? You can get other policies through USAA and bundle them together to save even more.

USAA is one of the best insurance companies for military members and their families. Aside from car insurance, it has policies for:

  • Motorcycles.
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs).
  • Boats.
  • Rideshare coverage for uber and lyft drivers.
  • Life insurance.
  • Homeowners insurance.
  • Renter’s insurance.
  • Health insurance.
  • Small businesses.

You can also access different banking accounts, get financial advice on investments, banking, spending, navigating military life, etc.

It also has rewards programs, provides deployment assistance, offers travel deals, shopping rewards, discounts on car rentals, shipping, moving and storage, and on security systems for your home. 

Since USAA is a military-exclusive company, it offers further unique discounts for military members and veterans as well as useful tools such as checklists for deployments, separation, moving, as well as calculators for your pay and deployment.

For example, active-duty military members can store their vehicle while they aren’t using it and get a 15 percent discount to do so.

There are a few other perks of joining USAA:

  • 60 percent off the cost of your monthly premium – This applies to you if you are deployed overseas and need to store your vehicle in any location.
  • 10 percent off monthly premiums for children – As a military member, your kids can benefit from rate reductions.
  • Mileage-based car insurance – If you are deployed or living on a military base, you can lower your rate when you aren’t driving.

Also, if you have USAA banking products, you can get more cash back on your military base purchases, you can access more than 60,000 ATMs all over the country without having to pay fees and can get your military payment via direct deposit a day early.

You can register for free on the site and once you are a member, you can access the different programs and benefits.