A good way to get discount car insurance is to compare insurance providers and policies. You can compare and save auto insurance policies that match your budget and coverage needs. Some insurance companies offer discounts that others do not. 

When you seek a car comparison insurance quote, make sure you ask for the same level of coverage from each company. A low quote could sound like a good deal but provide limited coverage. Online car insurance comparison quotes are often the easiest way to check multiple prices quickly. 

Ways to Find Auto Insurance That Won’t Cost an Arm and A Leg
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Defensive Driving Discount

If you are a new driver cheap car insurance is not likely, since providers consider you a higher risk. But you may get a discount if you take a defensive driving course. Passing a defensive driving course could lower your policy between 10 and 15%.

Senior auto insurance is usually more expensive since insurance companies can charge you more if you are older than a certain age. Age-related changes – like declining hearing or vision – can make you more prone to accidents. A defensive driving course could also lower your premiums if you are an older driver.

Multi-Policy Discount

Many insurance providers offer a multi-policy discount if you have vehicle coverage and another policy. The average multi-line discount is between 10 to 15%, but some can be as high as 26%.

Your insurance provider may give you a higher discount when you buy more than two policies or higher value coverage. For example, home and auto bundling could save you more than having a multi-car policy. Homeowners coverage is more than renters insurance, so the company may give you a discount for combining a vehicle policy with homeowners insurance.

The additional policy could be for another vehicle, a motorcycle, boat, or recreational vehicle (RV). You could qualify for a multi-car discount if you need coverage for two or more vehicles. 

New Car Discount

Some insurance companies give you a discount if your vehicle is newer. However, brand new cars are usually more expensive to insure. If you are leasing the car, you may have to get comprehensive and collision coverage. 

New cars have the latest security and safety features. You may get a discount if your car has: 

·      An anti-theft device.

·      Anti-lock brakes.

·      Airbags.

·      Daytime running lights. 

Good Driver and Student Discount

You could snag a lower insurance rate if you have been accident- and incident-free for five or more years. Insurance companies usually reward drivers who have never made an insurance claim or received a traffic ticket. A good driver discount can be between 10 and 40%.

Insurance companies sometimes reward students with good grades with a discount. If you are in high school or college, submitting a straight-A report card could reduce your insurance rate by 10 to 25%. 

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