Most auto experts recommend buying new tires for cheap in April or October, when retailers encourage you to switch treads. You can often find discount tires when weather conditions change. April is the start of Spring and the rainy season, and winter brings driving hazards beginning in October.

You may live close to a cheap place to buy tires, but the internet can help you comparison shop to get the best quality for the least amount. Buying affordable tires before you need them could save you hundreds of dollars. Plus, having more than one set could actually save you money throughout the year.

Need New Tires? Use These Tips to Find Affordable Tires

You may want to buy used tires for cheap if you need them immediately, like after blowing one. Used tires usually cost 30 to 50% less than if they were new and have between 40 to 70 percent tread left. So, if used tires are still good, why would someone get rid of them?

Here are some common reasons why drivers sell their used tires:

·      The driver bought new tires before theirs were completely worn out.

·      The tires are from vehicles totaled in an accident or because of floods.

·      The driver no longer has a vehicle that needs the same size as a spare set. 

You can read the age of the tire on its side. The manufacture date is the last four-digit number after “DOT.” The first two numbers represent the week, such as the third week in January would be ‘03.’

The final two numbers indicate the year, like ‘23’ for the year 2023. If you read ‘2622,’ the tires were made during the 26th week (the last week of June) of 2022. The Department of Transportation recommends 10 years as the maximum lifespan for a tire, though most rubbers start to deteriorate after six years.  

Before buying used tires for cheap, check the tread depth and wear. Uneven wear comes from driving tires while overinflated, underinflated, or imbalanced. Used tires with uneven wear are more likely to have issues, such as liner damage. 

Otherwise, it’s a good idea to shop for tires before you actually need new ones. Big-name tire companies offer promotions throughout the year – usually around holidays – online and in stores. Keep an eye out for: 

·      Sales

·      Discounts

·      Clearances

·      Rebates

The internet offers one of the easiest ways to check for promotions and compare companies and tires. Every tire manufacturer’s website typically has a way for you to buy directly online or through an authorized retailer. 

No matter which affordable tire company is offering a deal, it’s important to buy tires that fit your car. Check the tire information sticker found around the driver’s door for the front and back sizes. 

Your affordable tires should also match the driving conditions. Winter and summer tire treads help keep your car on the road for different conditions. Driving with seasonal tires all year can wear them down faster, causing you to buy tires more often. 

You can buy all-season tires as a year-round option, but they do not perform as well as the season ones. Or, you can switch between the two sets of seasonal tires to get the best performance and make them last longer.

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Updated on 03/29/2023