5 Popular Credit Cards to Consider In 2023

Updated on 01/09/2023

5 Popular Credit Cards to Consider In 2023

For many Americans, large purchases are frequently made using a credit card. For many shoppers, it is much easier carrying a credit card versus cash or check. 

Credit cards are also compatible with most businesses in the U.S. They are especially important if you shop online, since there are few other payment methods available. 

There are hundreds of credit cards to choose from, each with their own benefits and eligibility requirements. 

It may seem like credit cards are all the same, but some credit cards offer unique rewards that are hard to pass up, especially if you frequently use your card. Check out these popular options.

Citi Double Cash Card

If you are unsure what type of benefits you want, Citi’s Double Cash card is a wonderful choice. 

The Double Cash card provides a flat 1% cash back on all purchases, plus an additional 1% after paying your bill. 

There is no annual fee, and the credit score requirements are not as strict as other reward cards.

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Chase has a variety of credit cards to choose from, but the Freedom Unlimited is one of the most popular for travel enthusiasts. 

Whenever you travel, you earn 5% cash back, one of the most generous rewards of any credit card. You also get 3% back at select restaurants and drugstores, with all other purchases earning 1.5%.

Chase Freedom Unlimited requires an excellent credit score. As of writing, during the first year you can earn an additional 1.5% on all purchases, up to $20,000.

American Express Gold Card

The Gold card offers excellent rewards if you frequently dine out. Each month, you can receive a $10 gift card, which can be used for food service apps, including Grubhub, Goldbelly, Uber Eats and select restaurants. 

You can earn 4x the points at any restaurant, as well as 3x points whenever you book a flight with the gold card.

It also includes baggage insurance, up to $1,250 or $500 for checked baggage. 

There are no fees if you use the card outside of the US. Keep in mind that the Gold Card does have an annual $250 fee, making it a pricier option.

Wells Fargo Active Cash

Wells Fargo’s Active Cash card offers a wide range of rewards. 

You can earn up to $200 cash back after you spend $1,000 during your first three months. All your purchases, no matter what the category, earn 2% cash back. 

If you pay your cell phone bill with this card, you can get up to $600 identity theft protection. Best of all, there are no annual fees.

Discover Secured Credit Card

If you are having a tough time finding a card because of a poor credit score, Discover offers a popular secured credit card. 

Most secured cards do not have any reward, but Discover offers 2% cash back at select gas stations and restaurants, with other purchases earning 1 percent, up to $1,000. 

After seven months, Discover will automatically review your credit history to see if you are eligible for a new line of credit.