Looking for peace of mind while planning your next getaway? Senior travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself (and your wallet!) while planning trips and vacations. You don’t have to worry about canceled flights, lost bags or other common travel-related headaches. Senior travel insurance will pay you if you run into any issues. Travel insurance is especially important for seniors, as some policies will also cover medical emergencies.

Specific coverage for senior travel insurance varies depending on what you need. Before paying for a policy, consider what you need to be protected against. Several travel and transportation businesses provide discounts to senior citizens for a variety of reasons.

Senior Travel Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

Senior travel insurance is available from dozens of companies around the world. For example, Allianz Travel and Travelex Insurance Services both offer great rates for seniors looking to protect their upcoming trips.

If you are in the market for senior travel insurance, be sure to consider policies that include:

  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions. Many seniors suffer from pre-existing medical conditions, so having that cover is really useful. However, keep an eye on the cover capping. Also, non-life-threatening conditions linked to any pre-existing condition are typically not covered.
  • Emergency medical evacuation. Visiting a destination where travel may be hard, evacuation coverage should be the first thing on your mind. Also, medical emergencies can be expensive, so be sure to have at least minimal coverage. Check the total amount they provide and any exclusions related to these coverages.
  • Personal accident and personal liability protection. Most senior travel insurance policies include personal accident protection in case of death or dismemberment, and you can also find coverage for death, injury or loss of property accidentally caused by you. Make sure you check the amounts and limits of the coverage.

Keep in mind that some companies may have different age requirements for seniors. Although most consider age 55 to be the minimum for receiving discounts, others may reserve these rates for folks ages 60 to 65 or older. However, policies cover up to 99 years of age.

So, how will you know which senior travel insurance discounts apply to you?

A good strategy is to contact each company or search online for specific age restrictions. AARP has a variety of travel insurance discounts for seniors who enroll in the program. These savings benefit those who travel frequently.

After doing your research, it may be helpful to keep a reference sheet you can use in the future. The sheet can contain all the companies you found and specific age requirements for each one.