E-Readers Comparison: Is Kindle Really The Best Choice?

E-Readers Comparison: Is Kindle Really The Best Choice?

Kindle and other e-readers are ideal for the avid reader. You can keep your entire library on one portable device. A book reader can also encourage you to read more since it is convenient, lightweight, and able to hold hundreds to thousands of different titles.

From the Adobe e-reader to the Onyx BOOX, you have a dozen choices. Check out popular brands on the market and the features they offer. Find out which one best fits your preferences and budget below.

Why You Should Get a Book Reader

Electronic book readers are convenient and beneficial for every member of your family. Thanks to ebook narration, kids can listen and read along to their favorite stories. Seniors can take advantage of the ability to zoom or make the font larger, and all readers can get their next book in minutes with downloadable content.

Top 7 benefits of having an ebook reader:

  1. Portability to take wherever you go
  2. Capacity to take multiple books without taking up more space
  3. Better reading experience with digital underlining and notetaking
  4. Discretion on what you are reading since no one can see the cover
  5. Ease of finding a title with the search feature
  6. Free books from companies and libraries
  7. Ease of use, from keeping your place saved and remaining ‘open’ without having to hold the covers

A few types of e-readers are available. The Adobe ereader – Adobe Digital Editions – is a desktop ebook reader that requires a full computer to download ePUB and PDF files of books. Similarly, internet-based ebook readers, like Bookware, are software applications that let you enjoy your story as long as you have an internet connection and a device to display CSS and HTML code.

Stand-alone readers, like Amazon Kindle and Kobo eReader, are popular for their compactness. Their sole purpose is to house your personal library in an electronic device no bigger than a novella. 

Most e-readers use E Ink, which makes the digital words look more like letters on a page than a font on a screen. Unlike smartphones and computer screens, e-readers project the light, so it does not shine directly into your eyes.

The Best Amazon Ebooks

Amazon released the Kindle, the first generation of e-readers, in 2007. In the last 14 years, the company has refined and advanced the technology that keeps bookcases in the palm of your hand. The Amazon Kindle Bookstore has thousands of titles for whichever device you choose.

The top Amazon e-readers are:

  • Kindle Oasis 3
  • Kindle Paperwhite 4
  • Amazon Fire, formerly Kindle Fire

The Kindle Oasis 3 is the latest e-reader from Amazon. The number in its name comes from it being the third generation of its kind. Although Oasis 2 and Oasis 3 look similar, a number of new features set them apart.

The Oasis 3 still offers quality aspects, such as one-hand design, waterproofing, and an aluminum exterior. The newest edition adds color adjustment, so you can adjust the screen between warmth – cream tones – to cool – whiteness.

The Kindle Paperwhite 4 has many of the same features as the Oasis 3, including Bluetooth support, audio narration, and identical storage options. Likewise, the Paperweight 4 is waterproof and able to withstand fresh water submersion up to 2 meters or 6-and-a-half feet.

The Paperweight 4 lives up to its name as a lightweight device, and its screen is about one inch smaller than the Oasis. Nonetheless, the Paperweight 4 is significantly less at $130, while the Oasis 3 costs $250.

You can read ebooks on the Amazon Fire tablet, although it is not technically an e-reader. The Fire tablet is a convenient choice if you want a device that does double duty as an e-reader and computer. While the Fire tablet does more than a simple e-reader, you may find the glare from the glass screen distracting when reading.

A downside to Kindle devices is file formatting issues. Kindle runs .mobi format and does not support .epub – the universal ebook file format. However, third-party applications can convert .epub files into .mobi for your Amazon device.

The Top Kobo Reader

Kobo is a big competitor to Amazon, as the brand’s device has slightly better hardware than Kindles. Amazon and Kobo devices are very similar, using the same materials and almost identical technology. But Kobo takes its e-readers further with additional features not available on Kindles.

The top Kobo e-readers are:

  • Forma
  • Libra H2O
  • Clara HD

At first glance, the Kobo readers look indistinguishable. The Forma is arguably their best model with a large high-definition 8-inch screen, an ergonomic handle, and water resistance. Forma is best if you read magazines, comics, and other picture-based literature. Keep in mind, the Kobo Forma is the most expensive, starting at $250 for 8 GBs of storage.

The Libra H2O has many of the same features as the Forma but in a smaller package. The 6.8-inch screen is more convenient for those looking to travel with their e-reader. The Forma and Libra H2O also have physical buttons that make operation easier for many. The Libra H2O’s smaller size is comparable to its lower price tag, starting at $170.

If you are on a budget or need something tinier, the Clara HD is a great alternative. The 6-inch screen and compact size make it incredibly lightweight at only 166 grams and the easiest to carry. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof like the other models. You can purchase a Kobo Clara HD for only $120.

However, Kobo’s available book selection is nowhere compared to Amazon’s. Amazon’s bookstore has more than 6 million ebooks, whereas Kobo has a total of 5 million ebooks and audiobooks.

The Best eBook Reader By BOOX

Onyx International Inc. considers the reader’s experience in all that it produces. Like some of Amazon’s and Kobo’s devices, Onyx’s BOOX readers use E Ink to reduce eye strain, blurred vision, and other screen-related issues.

Onyx produces the largest e-readers, up to 13.3 inches which is enticing considering the other features. In addition to being a device for reading books, the BOOX devices also give you the ability to take some serious notes and more.

Unlike simpler e-readers, the Onyx BOOX Max3 and BOOX Note Air have a digital notepad that lets you take the E Ink to another level. Onyx BOOX devices have a pressure-sensitive screen and battery-free stylus that lets you draw, doodle, and create in the same way you would on actual paper. The digital notepad is a cool feature whether you are a digital artist or a doodler.

The BOOX Note Air can also translate most foreign-language ebooks. It also lets you split the screen so you can see the original language side-by-side with the translation. Onyx’s state-of-the-art features come at a cost substantially higher than the other options. The BOOX Note Air costs $480, while the BOOX Max3 goes for around $880.