Typically, drivers can save money on family policies. However, some members of your family can increase your rate, meaning you are paying a higher amount because of someone else’s driving history.

If you are older than 25 years of age, you may be paying more being on your parents’ plan. Even college students can pay more on a family plan than on an individual plan because of other drivers on the policy.

Saving With Individual Coverage
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Your family plan may be more expensive if:

  • Your parents add younger teenage siblings to the family policy.
  • Any member of your family has frequent accidents.
  • Any member of your family has been convicted of driving infractions like driving under the influence.
  • You are unable to take advantage of discounts.

An individual policy can also help keep your rates low in the long term. If a family member frequently has serious traffic violations, it can affect your rate on the family policy. A separate policy can save you from paying for someone else’s mistakes.

You may be eligible for certain premium discounts if you have an individual policy. For example, insurance providers give students discounts for having high-grade point averages (GPA). Likewise, they may offer premium reductions once students graduate.

You can qualify for a better rate if you have a low mileage average, a clean record, or are part of an organization. For example, military members often receive discounts for their service. Likewise, you may be able to reduce your rate by getting a driving services subscription like the American Automobile Association (AAA). 

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