Some repair shops and dealerships offer monthly specials on select services. In addition, to offset busy weekends, they may offer discounts for services and repairs on weekdays. Similarly, you might find that repair shops have promotions during certain times of the year. 

Lower-price air-conditioning services before summer and discounted tune-ups before winter are a couple of examples of seasonal service promotions. Some of the best times of the year to bring your vehicle in for services include:

Check for Monthly Specials

  • End of March and beginning of April because of tax season.
  • The week between Christmas and the New Year.
  • The few days following a holiday.
  • When the weather is bad.

Negotiation can help you cut repair costs. Repairs shops would rather earn something than nothing. Business is typically slower on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so you may be able to save a few bucks by offering to bring your vehicle in on the least busy days.

Negotiate beforehand by simply asking for a better fee. Once the shop gives you the bill and the services are done, you do not have the leverage to request a lower price.

Many dealerships have maintenance subscription plans that give customers discounts. There may be a fee to subscribe to the plan or club. However, a discount even as low as 10 percent could be worth the nominal fee.

If the service or repair you need is simple, you could save hundreds to thousands doing it yourself. The internet has many how-to videos for simple maintenance and repairs listed on the next slide.