If you are comfortable with other people driving your vehicle, then you could earn cash from the comfort of your home, work, or school. Think about all the hours during the day that your vehicle sits in a driveway or parking lot.

The expense of owning a vehicle can be too much for some, and others prefer to reduce their carbon footprint. However, a car is practically a necessity and a convenient alternative to public transportation.

Rent Your Vehicle for Money

Car rentals from rental companies can be expensive since they only rent vehicles by the day. The need for cheap hourly rentals resulted in companies establishing car-share apps. Companies to rent your car through include the following:

  • HyreCar
  • Getaround
  • Turo

Renting your car independently can be very risky. However, car-sharing companies help you rent your vehicle safely and with insurance.

To rent out your car through one of these companies, you will need to apply and submit specific documentation, such as the car’s registration. In addition, a company representative may need to inspect your car, or you may need to take multiple pictures of your vehicle as evidence of its condition. A vehicle inspection may be necessary, and these inspections come with an out-of-pocket cost.

You earn money by placing your car for rent when you are not using it. It could be while you are at work or school or even when you are sleeping. Anytime you are not using your car, it could be earning money.

If the idea of someone using your car makes you uneasy, check out how you can make money using it as transportation for people, food, and other things.