4 Great Ways to Earn Cash With Your Car

Your vehicle may be one of your biggest expenses, but it can also be a way to earn extra money. Depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, you can utilize it to make money in a few different ways.

Monetizing your vehicle can mean additional income and a better car. From turning your car into a moving billboard to helping your community, you can make money from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Find out how to transform your biggest expense into profit.

Turn Your Car Into a Moving Advertisement
make money with your car
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You can use your car to pay for itself, including covering lease payments, auto insurance, registration, and maintenance. However, one of the easiest ways your car can earn you money is through advertising. With car advertising stickers, you are earning cash by driving where you usually would.

Companies like Wrapify and Carvertise pay owners to use their cars as an advertisement. They ask drivers about their normal commute and where they usually drive to. If you drive enough and are in suitable locations, you could be a good candidate for car advertising stickers.

You will need to download the company’s application so it can document your path, mileage, and hours. Your payment is based on these factors, so your income can fluctuate.

Each company has different policies, pay periods, and rates. Before agreeing to work with one of them, make sure to compare your potential income. Unlike working for multiple rideshare companies, you will not be able to wrap your vehicle in several stickers.

Unfortunately, some groups scam drivers into free advertisement or paying to enroll in an imaginary system. Therefore, it is important to determine which companies are legit and which are scammers. Legit car advertising companies include:

  • Carvertise, Inc.
  • Free Car Media.
  • ReferralCars.
  • StickerRide.
  • Wrapify.

If you have a long commute to work in the big city, vehicle advertisement is a great passive income. Imagine getting paid to sit in the traffic you do daily. However, if you want another way to make money with your vehicle that involves almost no work, then check out the next slide.

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