Your Guide to Custom Canvas Printing Online

You probably have hundreds of thousands of awesome photos between your phone, your cloud storage, your favorite social media platforms and even an actual camera. Getting prints of your photos and framing them is a great way to display these memories, but if you’re looking for something more unique, consider getting them printed on canvas.

This material isn’t just for painting masterpieces, it’s also perfect for printing out your favorite photos and hanging them in your home like the works of art they are. What’s even better is that you can even order canvas prints online.

How Online Canvas Printing Works
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You can get canvas photo prints online by finding a quality canvas printing company, uploading your photo and putting in an order that gets shipped right to your door. Here’s how it typically works:

1. Choose a canvas printing company. There are dozens of companies that offer custom canvas printing online. To pick the right one, you’ll want to look for a company with many good reviews, a wide variety of sizes and styles as well as fast and/or free shipping.

2. Browse the site’s size, color, material and framing options. You can often find printers that allow you to change a color image into a black-and-white portrait or add a sepia hue to an image. Some companies have a few different kinds of canvas to choose from in addition to custom sizing and framing options. All these choices can impact how much you pay and what the final print looks like.

3. Upload the image or images you want to be printed onto canvas. Make sure you have high-quality images to print since those come out the best. Most printers recommend certain resolutions and sizes so that your print is as beautiful as you imagined. Some won’t take low-resolution photos because the prints are so low-quality.

4. Customize the size, color, material or framing as you’d like. Once you know what image, or images, you’re going to have printed, finalize the frame’s color and material (if you’re getting it framed), the color of the portrait itself and the size. Companies may allow you to color touch and auto-adjust the image’s brightness and contract so that the image comes out perfect during printing.

5. Review the digital print proof and approve it. Many companies allow you to see a draft of the print and what it looks like with any framing you order. This can help you see how clear the image will look once printed and whether the image fits the size you chose.

6. Order and wait. Depending on where you order your print, you may be able to pick it up in-store in 24 to 48 hours, or you may have to wait five or more business days for the order to be printed, shipped and delivered to its destination.

Print options, waiting times, ordering policies and customer service can vary from company to company.

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