Looking for other ways to dismiss a traffic ticket? Attending traffic school for ticket dismissal, deferral or reduction purposes is one way to avoid license suspension and save money. You can choose from online or in-person driving courses, depending on where you live. Sometimes, taking a driving course is mandatory for certain violations, which may not remove the ticket but is instead a part of the punishment for the violation. Similarly, some states do not permit you to take a driving course for purposes of dismissing a ticket.

Traffic school, which is sometimes referred to as safe driving class or defensive driving course, requires you to pay an enrollment fee. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the cost of attending to see if it will be worth it.

Learn How a Defensive Driving Course Could Dismiss a Traffic Ticket

There are many reasons to enroll in traffic school. Depending on the nature of your traffic ticket, it could be a mandatory step you must take before earning back your driving privileges.

Some states offer traffic school as an optional alternative to paying the fine or accumulating points on your driver record. If you are considering enrolling in a defensive driving course as a way to dismiss your charges, it is important to consider the costs compared to the fines that came with the ticket.

Enrolling in traffic school has many benefits, including:

  • Reducing or eliminating fines.
  • Preserving your driving privileges.
  • Reducing or removing points on your driving record.
  • Reducing auto insurance premiums.
  • Avoiding license suspension or revocation.
  • Reducing the length of your driving suspension.

Is this your first offense? Judges may be more willing to allow you to defer or dismiss your ticket after enrolling in traffic school.

Completing a safe driving course comes with its own fair share of costs. Make sure that the cost of attending traffic school will not be more expensive than the cost of paying a ticket fine. In that case, it may be more worth it to pay the fee.

The cost of completing a defensive driving program varies across the country. Likewise, enrollment fees differ based on the type of course, such as online vs. in-person.