Want the best VR headset ever? It may be coming soon. The industry is focused on improving the existing VR features while adding new ones to make the experience more immersive. Some of the things we might see in the foreseeable future include more realism, more games and applications, better quality visuals and auditory, increasing popularity and cheaper prices.

For instance, CREAL is developing technology that shifts focus from objects over different distances. The new tech would act like our eyes do when shifting focus from nearby to long-distant objects. CREAL hopes to have a design by the end of 2024.

The Future of VR Headsets
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Top-tier game publishers are also expanding the number of games and applications available to use with VR headsets.

After all, the technology is only as good as what you use it for. So, for example, PlayStation is investing in VR by expanding its library of games.

Tech companies are also looking into ditching wires that prevent the user from moving more freely.

Lack of power can diminish quality, and big batteries weigh down the headset and can be uncomfortable. Cutting the tether will require serious advancements in power sources.

Facebook is one company that is focused on making VR more accessible. Its strategy is to drive down the costs to increase its popularity. Similarly, full-body tracking could shift to the social markets and make virtual s much more appealing.

The future of VR is the future itself, as it can play an intricate role in multiple industries. From training astronauts to feeling like a Formula 1 racer in your living room, VR technology can improve work and leisure experiences. 

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Updated on 03/29/2023