Travel Discounts May Help You Save on Vacations -- Learn How!

Planning a trip doesn’t just take time – it takes money. Sometimes lots of it. But if you’re not searching for the best travel discounts, including discount hotels and flights, then you might be spending way more than you should be. 

Who doesn’t love saving money? In these slides, you can find information on travel discounts you can use to save more on your next vacation, including the best discount travel sites, tips on reducing airfare, and how to find cheap lodging once you get to your destination.

Discount Travel Sites to Help You Book Cheap Flights, Hotels, and More
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There are plenty of discount travel sites out there, all of which claim to be the best of the best. But each of these travel websites have pros and cons you’ll need to weigh if you want to find a great deal. 

Moreover, some discount travel sites can’t book everything or may have better deals on hotels, but not on bundles. Here are some popular travel websites you might consider using when planning your next getaway. 


Expedia is one of the most popular sites to find cheap hotels, flights, cruises, car rentals, vacation bundles, and more. Not only does Expedia provide you with many booking options and bundle discounts, but they’re one of the only discount travel sites that provide customers with a rewards program. 

Expedia automatically rewards you with perks when you sign up, like discounts on lodging or travel perks. You’ll also earn two points for every dollar you spend on vacation packages, hotels, cars, tours, and more. For every 150 points you accumulate, you can save $1 on your next trip. 


Kayak is a unique discount travel site because it uses search engines to browse other discount travel sites in order to help you find a great deal. That deal might be through Kayak, or it may be through one of its competitors.

This unique and transparent feature incentivizes the company to stay on top of their rates and offer the best deal across all travel sites. 


You’ve probably heard of TripAdvisor, but did you know it’s a great website for cheap all inclusive vacations? Not only that, but using TripAdvisor offers the added bonus of using their app after you’ve booked your trip.

The app shows your booking details, but the real kicker is your ability to look up local landmarks and entertainment options through the app. is known for being a solid discount hotel travel site, but it also offers deals on tours, rental cars, and flights. Plus, you can review local activities and tours and find discounts on must-see sites once you’ve reached your vacation destination. 

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