Unless you’re not going far or you don’t mind driving long distances, you’re likely going to need airline tickets to kick off your vacation planning. Ticket prices are some of the most expensive travel fees you’ll pay to embark on your vacation, so getting the best flight deals is a must if you want to save money. 

Still, discount travel sites aside, there are many steps you can take to further reduce the cost of your airplane tickets. Here’s how. 

Want to Find the Best Flight Deals? Consider These Tips

Book Your Tickets Early 

If you want to book cheap flights, it helps to book early. Generally, the closer it gets to your travel dates, the more expensive those ticket prices are going to be. It’s generally recommended to start booking at least one month in advance, but three months prior to departure is ideal.

Know the Cheapest Days to Fly

Did you know that it’s cheaper to fly on some days than others? The holidays are a given; flying on a holiday is a no-no if you’re looking for a cheap deal. But often, the best time to book a flight is during the weekdays. That’s because these departure and arrival dates are usually cheaper than traveling on the weekend. 

Be Flexible About Your Travel Dates 

If a particular date is especially popular for travel, it’ll likely be more expensive to buy your ticket. Sometimes, one week may be more expensive than the next. Airlines routinely try to predict when they’ll get the most purchases, and they hike the price to reap the largest profits possible.

However, those same tactics cause airlines to lower their prices to entice more passengers when they don’t expect as many bookings. 

Compare Discount Travel Sites 

Discount travel sites are great for finding deals on flights and cheap hotels. However, it’s important to check several sites before finalizing your purchase. Travel prices are constantly changing. While one travel site may have a great deal on a particular vacation, another site may have other options.

Additionally, consider bundling your tickets with lodging or car rentals, as you may receive larger discounts. 

Travel During the Off-Season 

Remember those sneaky airline tactics we talked about? If you want to book cheap flights, consider taking a vacation in the off-season. However, keep in mind that the off-season can vary by travel destination, depending on where you plan to go. 

For example, there are usually far less people looking to travel to Wisconsin in the dead of winter. Plus, consider the local attractions. Alaska, for example, has the best view of the northern lights in February, so traveling to Alaska during those dates will likely be more expensive. 

Consider Being an In-Flight Nanny 

No, we’re not joking. For one reason or another, children sometimes need to fly alone, or parents may need help caring for multiple children on a flight. If you have experience with children, you can see if there are any requests for childcare assistance during a flight. We recommend checking websites like Nanny in the Clouds.