Now that you have eliminated all the things you don’t want or need by either throwing them away, selling them or donating them, you are left with everything else. At this point, the secret to having a decluttered home is to ascribe to the maxim “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Since you have gone through the process of removing tons of stuff already, your drawers, desk, closets and cabinets should have much more space than before. For an uncluttered look, try to keep all but the most essential items on counters and tabletops.

Keep Your Decluttered Home Clean — Organize!
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This includes lamps, a few picture frames and other decorative items and in the kitchen, small appliances that are used daily like coffee makers. Keeping surfaces mostly bare gives you a neater, less cluttered look and makes them easy to keep clean.

As you go from room to room, take a bin with you. When you notice things that belong in another room, put them in the bin so they are easy to transport to where they go. Within rooms, decide where you are going to keep things. 

For example, in a child’s room, you may have a bookshelf for books and a chest or bins for toys. If you don’t have a suitable receptacle, buying one will save you from trying to shove things in catchall places. Organization items can be purchased affordably at your local dollar store or Goodwill, and more decorative ones can be found at home stores and places like the Container Store.

When putting things away, try to keep items together so that there is one place that they belong. Make sure to tell all people in the home where these places are both so that they can easily find what they are looking for and so that they can put items back where they belong when they are done using them. This will keep your home organized and (mostly) uncluttered.

Consider the following tips to organize your things more efficiently:

  • Compartmentalize drawers. Divide the space from your drawers into different categories. Drawer organizers can be very helpful to take advantage of the space.
  • Hang items, they can look great. Either by using a towel bar over the sink or over your desk, and using hooks to hang your pots, measuring spoons, pencil holders, baskets, etc. Cabinet sides can also be used to hang baskets or desk organizers and place items you use more frequently.
  • Shelf risers are your friends. By adding shelf risers you can double your storage space, which can be especially useful for kitchenware and bathroom items.
  • Door racks can be extremely useful. You can take full advantage of every door in your home. By placing these racks you can gain extra space without visually clutting the room.

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