The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid With Auto Insurance

Comparing auto insurance rates is the best way to find coverage for the right price. Although it takes some time and effort on your part, finding discount car insurance policies could save you hundreds – even thousands – in the long run. The average car insurance premium across the U.S. is $1,592 per driver per year. You could lower your premium by avoiding a few common mistakes.

By bundling different types of coverage and practicing safe driving habits, you could you’re your monthly payments into easy-to-manage installments. It’s always a good idea to find online auto insurance quotes and compare rates to find the best prices available now. Read on to learn the top mistakes to avoid while shopping for car insurance rates using discounts.

Forgetting About Auto Insurance Discounts
auto insurance discounts
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Auto insurance discounts are available for nearly every type of driver. Forgetting to take advantage of one or more of these discounts is a common mistake among U.S. drivers. You can find auto discount quotes online in minutes, even if you aren’t sure where to look. A simple Google search will help you find discounted rates and premiums in just a few minutes. Keep in mind that not every U.S. driver will automatically qualify for auto insurance discounts, but most can secure discounts in just a few steps.

So, how can you get these car insurance discounts for yourself?

Bundling discounts are popular and effective ways to score lower car insurance rates today. If you own a home, a boat or have a life insurance policy, you could get a serious discount by bundling your policies together with the same company. For example, insurance companies like Allstate offer discounts up to 25 percent just for bundling more than one policy.

Even if you don’t own your home, you could still qualify for bundling discounts. For example, Liberty Mutual offers discount car insurance for bundled auto and renter’s insurance.

Farmers offer an auto insurance discount of up to 20 percent for drivers who bundle home and auto. As a general rule of thumb, the more policies you bundle, the lower your auto insurance premium.

Other popular car insurance discounts include:

  • Student discounts
  • Active & veteran U.S. military discounts
  • Family plan discounts
  • Accident-free discounts
  • Discounts offered due to voluntarily raising your deductible
  • Pay-as-you-go car insurance discounts

Safe drivers can score discounted car insurance coverage by having clean records or practicing good habits. Senior drivers can take safe-driver classes through the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), which results in discounted auto insurance rates. 

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