If you don’t compare auto discount quotes online, how will you know you’re getting the lowest rate possible? Forgetting to compare shops is one of the most common mistakes drivers make. Comparison-shopping is the best way to find deals available for almost every product, including auto insurance policies. You can find auto discount quotes on dozens of websites. All you need is internet access, a phone or computer to find them. 

You can find discount car insurance quotes by using rate-comparison websites, which provide you with quotes in real time. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the auto insurance industry, which you can see when you start your comparison shopping. Continue reading to learn how comparing quotes can save you some serious cash.

Failing to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes
compare auto insurance quotes

Companies are slowly starting to raise rates to reflect the increase in driving habits post pandemic. It’s more important than ever to compare quotes before choosing an insurance company.

You might be asking yourself: what are the best sites to find auto discount quotes in my state?

There are a handful of comparison websites you can use to shop around. For example, Progressive.com and Protect.com are just two sites that let you compare quotes between several auto insurance companies, including Progressive itself.

Keep in mind that most comparison sites and insurance companies will request personal information to provide a quote. 

A broker can also help you find the best insurance deal. Essentially, this person reaches out to insurers to find the best policies according to your budget and personal preferences and provides the best options. However, brokers tend to charge a fee for their services and may work on commission to encourage full coverage options.

Aside from comparing car insurance companies, be sure to compare different types of policy combinations. Some companies may offer bundling discounts while others do not. You can typically bundle home or renter’s insurance with your car insurance to maximize your savings.

Also, make sure you are comparing similar rates and policies with a similar amount of coverage.. Some drivers mistakenly compare auto rates or renter’s rates, thinking they are the same. This could cost you extra money out of pocket. 

State laws also have an important impact on the cost of premiums, since most of them have a minimum level of coverage a policy must-have. Premiums can vary significantly within the same state, so be sure to compare local policies as well. 

Not all car insurance companies offer the same types of discounts. By bundling your different insurance plans in one company you can also get a discount.