Several different types of laws exist and, as a result, types of lawyers. Most legal professionals specialize in one type of law and gain years of experience in that sector.

Your personal injury lawyer and legal team should be familiar with the local court system. For instance, if your accident occurs out of state, you may want to obtain a lawyer from that area rather than your home state.

What to Know About Personal Injury Lawyers
what to know about personal injury lawyers
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Lawyers and legal professionals fill out and file legal documents to all entities involved. They will need to establish fault and illustrate the extent of the damages.

Personal injury lawyers may use law enforcement reports, medical records, witness statements, and other documents to prove fault and injury. They may also need to gather:

  • Income information to calculate the loss of income.
  • Pictures and video evidence as proof of fault.
  • Therapy session evaluations to show the extent of the injury.

Lawyers who work on a contingency basis need to win to receive compensation for their services. These legal professionals are incentivized to win your case. Or, the legal team may work for a flat fee regardless of the outcome.

Personal injury lawyers usually earn between $62,000 to $106,000 annually. The average salary for a personal injury lawyer is about $83,000.

Lawyers typically have other members on their legal teams, such as paralegals and aids. These team members have lower incomes and do most of the paperwork in accident cases.

So, if the firm you are considering has rates based on services performed – filing legal documents and negotiating with the insurance company – billing may reflect the different payment rates.

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