Moving from home to a new place can be upsetting to seniors, especially if they feel coddled. However, elderly residents deserve respect and treatment to help them stay as active and healthy as possible. Retirement community residents are extremely independent and able to care for themselves.

Residents of assisted living facilities may need just a bit more help and not all the time. Assisted living facilities provide residents with just-in-case security measures, like 24-hour medical care. A great assisted living facility has educated and trained staff members and comprehensive services. Fees and expenses should be straightforward and clear.

What Assisted Living is Like

Seniors who do not need intensive care but cannot live independently for medical or physical reasons can enjoy semi-independent living while still being able to reach out for immediate help if needed or desired.

Assisted living facilities are a good option for seniors who do not have family members to help them as they age.

Services and care are specific to the resident. If a senior needs help with daily tasks, then staff can:

  • Clean the living space.
  • Shop for groceries or take residents shopping.
  • Bathe, groom, and dress residents.

Keep in mind that these additional services can increase the cost. The more care a resident needs, the higher the monthly bill becomes.

Staff members are always present and check on residents routinely. They can remind residents to take their medications, make medical appointments, and take seniors to doctors when needed.