There are several vehicle-specific tips for saving gas that you can take today to cut down spending at gas stations. Some of these tips are accessible to certain types of vehicles while others can be utilized regardless of what vehicle you are driving.

While all tips may not be applicable, taking advantage of a combination of the following helpful tips can help you save the most money of gas:

Vehicle-Specific Fuel Saving Tips
fuel saving tips
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  • Utilize Your Vehicle’s Fuel-Saving Tech – Some vehicles nowadays come equipped with a fuel-efficient driving mode that optimizes the engine to save gas instead of focusing on performance. Driving a hybrid or electric vehicle will automatically take advantage of vehicle-specific technology to reduce the amount of gas you use while driving.
  • Keep Your Car Clean and Free of Heavy Junk – You may not be aware of how much unnecessary weight you are carrying around in your vehicle, but this added bulk can end up costing you gas. When your vehicle is carrying more weight, your engine must spend more gas while driving. Avoid filling your car with bulky objects that increase the weight inside your vehicle.
  • Maintain Your Vehicle on a Regular Basis – Performing regular maintenance on your vehicle is an effective way to ensure your car is operating at maximum fuel efficiency. There are four essential maintenance tasks that you will need to have completed keeping your car working at peak performance.

First, you will need to ensure that your tires are at the right air pressure. By doing so, you can prevent rolling resistance which has been shown to contribute to reducing overall gas consumption. Additionally, you want to replace your air filter as soon as it is required to improve your overall engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, you want to ensure that your car cap is undamaged. A gas cap that has a crack can cause gas to evaporate at a rate of about three or more gallons of gas each month. A faulty gas cap can be harmful to the environment and end up costing you money on wasted gas. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure you are not wasting money unnecessarily on gas costs.

Finally, you want to perform regular oil changes on your vehicle to keep your engine working efficiently. This can also be an easy way to save on gas and extend the total lifespan and driving performance of your vehicle.

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