Protect Your Travels & Save Money With Trip Insurance -- Learn More!

Are you planning a trip in the United States or internationally? Investing in the best travel insurance options could help you save money on your trip, especially if you get sick or injured, if you’re a victim of theft, or if you need to cancel a non-refundable reservation. 

So, what exactly is trip insurance, and how can you get deep discounts on your coverage? Get answers to those questions and more and explore how to compare travel insurance providers by reading through the slides below.

Trip Insurance Explained: Learn How to Protect Your Next Vacation
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Planning a vacation or business trip always carries some level of uncertainty. What if you need to cancel your trip? What if you get hurt while you’re away? Not to mention, in the age of COVID-19, you can never be too careful with protecting your investment. That’s where travel insurance comes in. 

Travel insurance protects you from financial loss while you’re on (or supposed to be on) vacation. However, not every trip insurance policy is the same. There are different types of insurance you can opt into, and not all insurers offer the same policy options. 

Here’s a look at the most common types of travel insurance policies. 

Travel Medical Insurance 

Imagine the financial loss you could potential suffer if you or your traveling companions were to get sick or injured during the trip. Medical expenses can quickly add up. 

In many cases, your normal insurance may not cover the bill, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Having travel medical insurance provides you with peace of mind and payment for medical expenses that aren’t covered by your normal health insurance policy. 

Emergency Repatriation and Evacuation 

What if there’s an emergency and you need to go home immediately? What if you become critically ill or injured and you need to be taken to a hospital or flown home? This is where emergency repatriation and evacuation policies come in. 

Trip Cancellations, Interruptions, and Delays 

Without trip insurance, you’ll likely be on the hook for non-refundable reservations if you have to cancel your trip, end the trip early, or if you’re delayed by airlines or other factors. These factors are some of the most common reasons that many people look into travel insurance companies. 

When reviewing travel insurance options, be sure to check the details of the policies. Some policies only provide coverage under specified reasons for your trip cancellation, delays, or interruptions. Some policies provide travel insurance cancellation for any reason. 

Baggage and Personal Belongings 

Bagging and personal belongings policies provide reimbursement for lost, damaged, or stolen belongings. 

Car Rental Collision Insurance 

Will you be renting a car on your trip? You can find trip insurance policies for car rentals that may be cheaper than what you are offered through the rental agency.

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