In addition to advertising stickers, vehicle rental, and delivery services, you could make big bucks if you have a truck or a van. Everyone is always looking for a friend with a vehicle big enough to help them move something that a car cannot contain.

Most people choose a vehicle that fits their everyday needs, such as fuel-efficient for long commutes or with seating for the whole family. Not many people need trucks or vans for everyday use, but you can profit when they do.

Turn Your Truck or Van Into a Moving Business
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Having a large vehicle like a truck means you can use your vehicle in more ways than those in sedans can. For example, you can use your large vehicle to:

  • Move furniture and boxes to a new house.
  • Transfer appliances for less than stores charge for delivery.
  • Pick up big purchases from private sellers for private buyers, like on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Pick up supplies from a home goods store, such as mulch and gravel.
  • Hitch and transfer a boat to a new location.

You do not need to go through a third party to make money. Trucks and vans are such a hot commodity that people may find you. Otherwise, you can advertise your services on other local buyer networks, like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

You can set your rate based on what your client needs. For example, you might charge a higher rate for loading the vehicle than just driving the haul to the new location. You can charge by the hour, mileage, or as a flat rate. 


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