Now that you know how and where to get your custom canvas print online, here’s how you can use your new canvas pictures in your home.

Try for complementary colors. If you haven’t ordered your canvas print yet, then take a look around the room you want to place it in. Figure out what the color scheme is and look for photos in your collection that have those colors. If you have the portrait but don’t know where to hang it, figure out which room has the best complementary colors to the portrait.

How to Choose and Decorate With Your Custom Canvas Print
custom canvas print
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Match the print style to your room’s theme. Bright, bold colors can add a pop to a contemporary, neutrally colored room. Black-and-white portraits make a space look more contemporary. Certain frames look best with certain styles of furniture.

Think about the room’s function first. If you’re placing a portrait in the living room, you might want to choose a custom canvas print that features your family. The dining room might do well with family photos or with prints that have complementary colors. Your bedroom could feature photos of you and your partner.

Play with sizes and shapes. Having a portrait as long as your couch doesn’t always look great, and too small a canvas print can look off. Think about the contrast between white space (the plain wall), the furniture on the hanging wall (the couch, bed, table, etc.) and the portrait. Consider getting paper in different sizes and hanging that on the wall to test out whether you like the look of a certain portrait size with the rest of the room.

Let there be light. You want to be able to see your beautiful custom canvas prints, but you have to make that you hang them in places where there’s going to be enough light. Consider placing canvases across from sources of natural light or installing sconces above the portrait in spaces where the light (or lack thereof) may cause harsh shadows.

Build a collage. Whether you purchased cluster prints or just have a collection, you can mix and match prints and create your own collage of images and memories. For example, you might do this if you have a few prints for each of your children or a collection of photos from different vacations.

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