Even with the best deals, sales, and discounts, you want to protect your investment. Tires experience unexpected damage when debris, accidents, and other hazards penetrate the rubber. Tires hold the entire car’s weight plus its passengers. Improperly inflated tires can result in blowouts or weakening walls.

Once the tire is damaged that badly, there is no way to repair it, and you will need to buy a replacement. Most car insurance policies do not cover tire damage or replacement. Providers consider flat tires and tires with holes as typical wear and tear. Comprehensive and collision policies may cover theft or vandalism of your tires.

Is Tire Insurance Worth It?

New tires usually come with some type of warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, mileage warranties or tread life warranties can cover a few months to a few years from the purchase date. These warranties guarantee that you will get at least a minimum number of miles out of them.

Extended warranties lengthen the term your tires have coverage. An extended warranty may also cover additional types of damages, such as road hazards, defects, and uniformity.

You can also find roadside assistance plans with tire insurance coverage from third parties, including:

  • American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
  • American Automobile Association (AAA)
  • DiscountTire.com
  • Gabi.com
  • Progressive.com
  • DiscountCarInsuranceRates.com

A warranty can save you from the unexpected. A quality tire can provide you with a safe and smooth drive for years. Make sure to consider the balance between performance and warranty.

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