Grocery stores can be overwhelming, inconvenient, and expensive. If you have a nine-to-five job, you likely shop during the most hectic times – evenings and weekends. Getting to the store can be a hassle or consume a lot of time, depending on where you live and your mode of transportation. 

Luckily, grocery delivery options can save you the trouble of dealing with crowds and more. You can get food delivery for your groceries and even household items. 

Learn How to Easily Shop for Groceries From Home, Work or On the Go
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If you are a parent, you may not have a choice but bring the little ones along with you to the grocery store. But it isn’t always ideal; between begging for sugar-coated treats and whining about leaving, the trip can feel even longer. 

Immediate grocery delivery makes it a breeze, since you can shop from home and make everyone happier. Here’s how grocery delivery options work: 

·      Shop online through an app or website and select items you want to buy

·      Confirm your purchase and submit payment and delivery information

·      A store worker gathers and bags your items

·      A driver delivers your grocery order to your door

Walmart lets you order groceries and other items for pickup or delivery. Walmart grocery delivery costs $5.99, $7.95, or $9.95, depending on where you live and the amount you order. You can request immediate grocery delivery for an additional $10, and your order should arrive within two hours. 

You can save on grocery delivery fees with Walmart+, a paid membership that waives the delivery fee and offers additional perks. The subscription gives you free same day grocery delivery for $98 annually or $12.95 monthly. 

Amazon has multiple grocery delivery options, including Amazon Fresh, a subsidiary of the e-commerce company. Amazon Fresh is an online store and has physical locations in select cities. You can go to an Amazon Fresh store to buy groceries, pick up online orders, and return merchandise you purchased through Amazon. 

Some Amazon Fresh cities include:

·      Northeast –Boston, New York, and Philadelphia,

·      Midwest – Chicago, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis

·      South – Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and Washington, D.C.

·      West – Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.

You can get free same day grocery delivery if you have an Amazon Prime membership and live in an eligible region.  

If you have an electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card, you can use your program funds for Amazon Fresh and Walmart grocery delivery. However, benefits will not cover delivery charges or membership fees. 

Amazon also partnered with Whole Foods for grocery delivery and pick-up. You can order grocery delivery today and receive delivery within two hours. Unlike Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods delivery is exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Prime members also save an additional 10% on products (except for alcohol). 

Costco uses Instacart for same-day grocery deliveries, and you can shop through either website if you are a Costco member. You can order through Instacart if you do not have a membership, but the prices will be higher. Similarly, all products are slightly more expensive than in-store prices. 

The warehouse retailer offers four grocery delivery options:

·      Standard – Choose a day and time slot through the week

·      Same day grocery delivery through Instacart on orders more than $35

·      Two-day delivery through CostcoGrocery on orders more than $75

·      Cold and frozen – Only refrigerated and frozen items

Same day grocery delivery is only available if you live in a qualifying ZIP code, and the delivery fee starts at $3.99 per order over $35. Costco also has a $3 delivery fee per non-perishable item but will waive the charges if the total order is more than $75. Two-day Costco delivery is free unless the order is less than $75, then there is a $3 fee. 

With an Instacart Express membership, service fees are lower and there are no delivery fees for orders more than $35. The membership costs $99 annually, but Costco takes $20 off renewals. 

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