In addition to the services needed every three months, you should do more car service maintenance every six months or 6,000 miles. Many of these contribute to your and your passengers’ safety.

Windshield wipers have about a six-month lifespan. However, this time varies by the brand and quality as well as how frequently you use them and the environment. The rubber that clears rain, snow, and other windshield debris can become stiff, broken, or torn.

Services Needed Every Six Months or 6,000 Miles

You should at least check your wipers every six months and replace them as needed. Good wiper blades keep your view clear in inclement weather.

Every 6,000 miles, you should check your tires’ air pressure and for wear and tear. Slow leaks can occur from nails and other sharp objects on the road. You should also check your spare tire.

A mechanic can check your tires for proper inflation and performance. He or she may recommend a tire balance or an alignment. Straight and balanced tires keep you and your passengers safe and reduce gas consumption.

What other services should you do every 6,000 miles? In addition to the three-month services, consider adding the following every six months:

  • Check connectors and cables for corrosion
  • Consider chassis lubrication services
  • Check the air filter and other components in the ventilation system
  • Polish the exterior to help stop damaging rust and cracks

Another important safety factor to check is your brake system. Brake pads wear down the fastest, but also check the routers for warping and damage. While you may need a professional to change your brakes, you may be able to do some of the nine-month services.