You And The DMV: Everything You Need to Know About Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration, and More

Almost everyone must visit the DMV at one point or another. DMVs offer many driver and vehicle services, including the issuance, renewal, and replacement of driver’s licenses. Drivers licenses and identification cards are the primary reason that Americans visit their local DMV. Alternatively, you may be interested in saving time by visiting a tag agency for registration services.  

While visiting DMVs and tag agencies can be a time-consuming task, it doesn’t have to be. With some preparation, you’ll know where you need to go, the documentation you must provide, and the fees you can expect.

What Are DMVs and Tag Agencies?
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If you’re visiting a DMV or tag agency for the first time or you’ve moved to a new area, you may be wondering if you need to visit a DMV or tag agency, but what’s the difference? Where do you go to obtain a REAL ID? How do you get your motor vehicle registration?

Knowing the difference between these essential agencies is critical if you’d like to save time taking care of your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

Your local DMV provides many services, including:

  • DMV practice test and drive test
  • The issuance of new drivers licenses
  • Drivers license renewal
  • Drivers license replacement
  • Drivers license name and address changes
  • Eye test for driving
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • License plates renewal

Your DMV hours of operation can vary by state and location. Additionally, some DMVs may be closed on weekends or have limited hours during specific days of the week. Calling ahead of time will help you determine when the best time to visit the DMV is. In addition, some states allow you to save your place in line before you arrive to cut down on wait times.

While a tag and title company offers many of the same services as a DMV, they are not the same. Tag agencies are private organizations that can provide many of the same services as a DMV, including:

  • Car title issuance
  • Vehicle title transfers
  • Auto registration services
  • State license plates
  • Auto insurance sales
  • Drivers license services

The state limits a license plate agency in the services that they can provide. For example, your state may not allow tag agencies to provide any services related to your drivers license but allow them to assist you with your vehicle registration. Additionally, it’s common for states to dictate the fees these agencies can charge for their services. Like DMV, the hours of operation for tag agencies can vary by location, so it’s best to call ahead to confirm those hours before your visit.

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