A Step-By-Step Guide To Selling Your Car

Are you considering selling your car for some quick cash? There are a few essential steps you should take that can help you get the most money for your used car. This quick guide to selling your car has everything you need to know about selling your car, including strategies, necessary documents you’ll need, tips for setting the sale price and advertising practices.

Then there’s the question of how you’ll sell. Should you sell privately through car selling websites, or go the traditional route of selling to a dealership? Read up on all the latest trends and important tips for selling your car in this easy car selling guide.  

The Best Car Selling Strategies in 2021
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The strategy you use to sell your car is one of the most important parts in the entire process. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer – why would he or she be interested in learning more about your vehicle? It all comes down to your selling tactics.

Using websites to sell cars is a common way to increase the number of prospective buyers that can see your vehicle. You’re essentially broadcasting your car ad to buyers searching your area for new or used cars. But, like anything, it has its fair share of pros and cons.

It may take more time and effort to sell your car privately, because you are responsible for all the technical details. Gathering paperwork, writing an advertisement and showing the car to potential buyers all fall into your lap as the seller. Not to mention the added work of sanitizing the car and adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. However, while it might be more work, selling your car privately could lead to a better profit.

You may be wondering, will Carvana sell my car online for me? Carvana, an online car marketplace, specializes in selling cars conveniently with free pickup and delivery services. The company makes it easy to sell your car because it takes care of all the hard work, like cleaning it and advertising it with pictures online.

Don’t want to sell privately? Consider a dealer trade-in, which involves trading in your vehicle to a dealership as an incentive to buy a new one. Getting the most value from your trade-in also depends on your understanding of your car’s true market value (TMV). If you know what it’s worth, you can be sure to get top dollar during the trade-in process.

It’s easy to find your car’s TMV. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is one of the most widely-used resources for determining market value. This is a great strategy for negotiating at a dealership or with a private buyer. Simply showing the KBB value of your car will give potential buyers confidence that your vehicle is legitimate.

If you’re selling a used or junk car, you should decide if you are willing to sell your car for parts. You may get more money using this strategy, since the individual working parts could be worth more than the value or the car itself. 

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