The best cruise deals aren’t always the promotions that reduce your ticket price. Some deals, including last minute cruise deals, provide you savings through other perks and add-ons. 

If you’re booking a cruise that doesn’t include perks like dinner, drinks, and activities, you could be throwing money away, no matter how much you got your ticket for. That’s why when you’re searching for cheap cruises in 2024, these are the promotions you should be looking out for.

Other Special Deals and Promotions to Save More Money With Popular Cruise Lines

Open Bar Packages 

Most cruises charge for drinks, and we don’t just mean the alcoholic ones. It’s not uncommon for cruises to charge up to $15 a drink or more for soda, juice, beer, wine, and cocktails. Drink charges are common tactics cruise lines use to nickel and dime you, raising your final cruise bill through the roof. 

Instead of getting stuck with the bill, look for cruise deals that include open bar and drink packages. If a deal includes one, read the fine print. These packages are not all the same, and some may include certain types of drinks and exclude others. Always know what you’re signing up for before you purchase a cruise package. 

Wi-Fi Perks 

One perk that most vacationers don’t think of is Wi-Fi. We’ve all grown accustomed to having access to the internet everywhere we go, and only paying for Wi-Fi at home. But that’s different on a cruise. 

Wi-Fi on a cruise line can be very expensive. Granted, not all cruises charge for Wi-Fi, and some provide internet access to a set number of devices for free. For example, most Princess cruise lines provide free WI-FI to one device per passenger, to a maximum of four devices per cabin. But that’s not the case for all cruises. 

So, if you’d like to use your mobile device, tablet, or other internet-connected device, look for packages and cruise deals that include free Wi-Fi. Check the fine print to make sure the perk covers the amount of devices you and your family will be using. 

Free Specialty Dining Packages 

We covered the drinks, but did we mention that food can be expensive on a cruise too? While some basic packages include some meals, better food and specialty restaurants are often available. Don’t want to look at your fellow passengers in envy? You may want to find a package that includes free or discounted specialty dining. 

Free Shore Excursions 

What do you plan on doing when you dock at a port? You could stay on the ship, or you could go on an adventure. Unless your cruise package includes free shore excursions, you’ll likely be paying for any tours you’d like to take. 

Free Kids Packages 

Traveling with your children in tow? You might want to look for cruises that include free tickets for children. These are common perks, and many cruise prices are based on cabin occupancy. Look for promotions like “kids sail free” or similarly titled deals.

However, be sure to check the age limit on these packages and find one that meets your child’s age.